Patient Testimonials

Richard - A cancer survivor

"My name is Richard and I’m 57 years old. I consider myself blessed.

In the summer of 2016, my general practitioner recommended I get a coronary artery calcium score to measure the amount of calcium in the artery walls of my heart. The good news I received was that I had no calcium buildup in my heart. However, I also received potentially devastating news; during the CT scan, the doctor found a mass in my chest that was initially thought to be lymphoma. This seemed logical at the time because Non-Hodgkin lymphoma does run in my family.

After I researched best surgeons in the area to remove this tumor, I was referred to Atlanta Cardiac & Thoracic Surgical Associates. When I met with Dr. Shady Eldaif, I felt comfortable and confident in his abilities. Dr. Eldaif was interactive and allowed me to ask questions. I never felt rushed or that I was taking up too much of his time.

I’m a scientist and I immersed myself in literature to find out all I could about this mass. I probably had questions that normal patients wouldn’t have and Dr. Eldaif was not put off by that. In fact, he was excited that I was interested in the clinical and emotional components of my diagnosis.

Leading up to surgery, the staff at Atlanta Cardiac & Thoracic Surgical Associates, who supported Dr. Eldaif, called me back whenever I had questions about the mechanics of the surgery. They did it in a timely manner that made me feel like they were on top of it.

During the 8 hour-long robotic-assisted surgery to remove the tumor, Dr. Eldaif made sure that my wife was informed. I think he did much to reduce her anxiety. He was very attuned and sensitive and I found that to be very comforting. My wife was very comforted that this was occurring by the physician, not just the staff and the nurse.

After the surgery, Dr. Eldaif would show up every morning to keep me in the loop the entire time and was accommodating to my requests. I was discharged after 36 hours. I’ve seen him twice after the surgery. He was very engaging, professional and never seems annoyed when you spend time with him. This is refreshing for me.

My mass turned out to be thymoma carcinoma. This is a rare, benign cancer with the potential of turning malignant. I consider myself blessed because Dr. Eldaif was able to successfully take this tumor out and now I’m cancer free.

I did not have any symptoms or was even aware of this type of cancer. My best advice to anyone is to have the preventative routine tests, including imaging, when you have discussions about your health with your doctor. In my case, I would not have known about this cancer until after it had reached the stage of being aggressive and possibly malignant. Lastly, I highly recommend the excellent care & compassion of Dr. Eldaif and the Atlanta Cardiac & Thoracic Surgical Associates staff."


Total robotic thymectomy patient to treat thymoma carcinoma

Michael - A cancer survivor

It was 2007 and I had been suffering from severe leg pain. One evening, I became alarmed by how large my feet had swelled. I therefore visited my internist who referred me to Northside Hospital for further testing. A series of doctor visits and CT scans later revealed cancer located in my upper right lung.

As the testing and most of my other doctors were located at Northside, I decided to continue seeking cancer treatment at the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute with Dr. Moore as my lead oncologist. Coordination for treatment was seamless as my physician teams easily communicated with one another concerning my case.

In the early stages, I had countless questions for Dr. Moore, especially as I did what every doctor says not to do: I Googled my cancer. But Dr. Moore was reassuring every step of the way, answering all my questions, and treating me with compassion. I felt very comfortable selecting him for my care and have been rewarded every day since– having survived lung cancer, brain cancer and a heart attack. February 2017 marks my 10 year anniversary of being diagnosed with lung cancer and my 50th wedding anniversary.

Dr. Moore and his team kept me optimistic during my treatment process, ensuring I was receiving the most advanced care while helping me to believe that lung cancer is not a death sentence.


Lung cancer survivor